Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I can't quite put into words how much fun I had at the weekend. This little chappy sums up my current thoughts 

We headed off at about half 3 on friday. We had a seating dilemma on the train similar to the trails and tribulations of dearest Rebecca Black because apparently the train was gonna split in two? And go in different directions. So we were not sure weather to be kickin' in the front seats or sittin' in the back seats of the train. We trekked to the front because we thought we should. Turns out, our seating wouldn't have affected our journey all that much, it would have just added another stop if we had remained sittin' in the back.  

A weekend away. A whole weekend! We walked for what seemed like miles but is in fact exactly 2 miles to the hostel and checked in, made ourself at home, and tried to decide what to do that evening.  (yeh, we hosteled it!)

Then we went out exploring. We went in search of tescos, and found 2 co-ops, 1 sainsburies, about 40 corner shops before we realised that Tesco was insanely close and we had just taken one wrong turn. 
We grabbed a dinner from tesco and co-op, and headed for the beach, where we stayed for a good 3 hours, sheltered by some groyne? It was super cute. 

Then at about 10, the clouds began to sprinkle rain at us, so we headed back to the hostel. The germans that we were sharing a room with had already gone to sleep, but that was 'ite because we sat in the dining room instead. No one was really in the hostel because unlike us, they were legally allowed to go pubbing and clubbing so we had the whole dining room to ourselves all evening. The dining room was big enough to swing about 30 cats in. 

(scott may possibly punch my face for the photo on the left, but it is my most favourite photo. He was throwing a bottle at the table and catching it as part of our circus trick training.) 

The weekend kinda continued in the same fashion and we became like a little mini family. CUTE. 

I went in the sea, and took my underwater disposable in with me. I wont get the pictures back 'til next monday? silly right? I'll leave you with some photies. 

 (Veggie and Vegan cafe time, and skating along the coast. LOOK AT ME GO! I had no idea how to skate. I still don't, but I can move on it)
(A dog we made friends with. He was the cutest thing in the world, fluffy and soft and massive and only 13months old? Perfect winter companion if you ask me. And a perfect best friend for Conor, my dog. Heather and Chad in Cafe Nero, aren't they all the cutest 17 year olds you have ever seen?)

That doesn't really cover my weekend that much, but it'll do for now, I just want my disposable photos back! 


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Peanut Brittle

Megan gotz a kitten. He is So LOVELY!

SO today, after coming home from my Megan's house, I arrived home to my Doctor Pepper Pants. Apparently they arrived yesterday? Thanks for letting me know Mumma. The pants (pink leopard print y fronts) are lovely but there is a wee tiny little issue i have. I can wear them as a crop top because they are so large. They are MASSIVE! But I shall find use for them somewhere. They will be treasured because I never ever win anything... ever.  So I wore them around for a bit. As a crop top, and as pants. 

They make me look like a borrower but I'm 5ft 8inches tall? I'm not used to taking nice photographs of myself, I will never be Americas next top model with my posture and posing, but whatevah, tyra doesn't know what she is missing. AND yes... those are my pajama bottoms, I haven't gotten changed out of them yet today and it is now 9oclock in the evening time DON'T JUDGE! Check out those slipper socks too, they sure do get the boy's hearts racing.  

Now, for the peanut brittle (I have yet to remember that peanut is spelt with an 'a' after the e, such is the  depth of my ignorance when it comes to spelling). We found the recipie in Oh Comely Magazine, a personal favourite of the Black house hold, a little gem published 6 times a year, filled with lovely things, and I mean, really really lovely things! I won't spoil the recipe, because the lovely people in that magazine deserve every single penny.
So, anyway, the peanut brittle (I spelt it wrong AGAIN, I have to keep correcting)requires a lot of peanuts and a WHOLE lot of sugar, the peanuts we had were salted, so Maeve suggested we wash 'em to wash the salt off and so that is what we did. We also do not have a "candy thermometer" as the american nation call it, or a sugar thermometer as we in england like to call it. This meant that I had to guess the temperature. Trying to guess the temperature of 140ÂșC was a little bit mental, I guessed by just trying to see how much it burnt my fingers if I dipped them in. I just checked on the finished thing, through purely my own moronic baking techniques, the peanut brittle is not looking quite so brittle, but is instead more of a yummy gooey sugary peanutty slab. YUM.

check it owwwwt! Oh Comely you are a lovely place.

I'm off to brighton tomorrow with my darlings: Scott, Chad and Heather. HOW CUTE. Hostel time, seaside time. Shame about the weather forecast, rainy all 3 days? cheers weather systems. Whatever happens, I have sworn I will enjoy every minute. YES I WILL. Sitting on the deck chairs without a bedtime? 

Monday, 4 April 2011

SO, after like 3 posts I gave up?
Sad isn't it.
Not really, no.

Did you miss me?
another no,

I'll try and restart,
and this time, i'll be better,

Sunday, 28 November 2010


So my cousin is over from Oz. And by Oz, I certainly don’t mean the largely worrying land where lions are born without courage. Non, the Oz I am talking about isn’t spelt Oz, it is spelt Aus. It is a land where the coldest Christmas they have had, is about 20 million times hotter than dear old Britain will ever get in thesummer. A land where for Christmas dinner it is normal to have a salad. A land where flipflops are called thongs. A land where trousers are called pants. A land where a toilet iscalled a dunny. A land where everyone seems to be called Sheila or Bruce.

Dearest cousin Momo is 3 months my senior. She is a ranger, a ginger. And yes, she is actually called Momo. it’s not a nickname or a shortened version of summink. Just Momo.

So we headed off to Nan Dig’s house to see her!

It was all in all a typical day in Nan’s house. My ears are still ringing from the noise and I’m fatter than I’ve been in a long while but I would NEVER have it any other way.

I love ‘em. Love ‘em all.

Just missing oldest cousin Ella, her little babies and little cousin Roan whom Momo left down under!

I feel like I should introduce them?
I'll go from left to right?
First, there is little ol' me.
Then maeve, my older sister... often mistaken as My twin.
Then Momo herself!
Then cousin Louis, the cupcake queen.
Then cousin Rosie with her newly died bruntette hair, ALSO always mistaken as my sister.
Then there is little cousin Grace obsessed with pink and sparkles.
Then brother Finn.
Then cousin Frank.
Lovely scenes eh?


Saturday, 27 November 2010

First Snow.

first snow of this winter,
I'm always so tempted to call it the first snow of
this year, but it is far from it. This year we've had bloody loadza snow. So much that by the time it was melting, I was glad it was going.
But it was pretty to wake up to,
So I went out and took yet more photos of the garden.
I found the little yellow rose that I've been looking out for since summer. It's fair to say that it isn't doing all to well. Its all withered and very sad looking.
It is also funny that all the pictures I took just make things look frosty, I suppose that is bad photography skills on my part?!
Ah well.
Today I also went to a vintage fair near my house with Megan. It was cute. Very crowded, very cosy, very reasonable, very glad I went.


Hello Again Blogger.

So here I am setting up yet another blog doomed to failure. How many blogs have I began and not continued? Enough to to be ashamed of anyhow. I suppose its just a case of not finishing what you start?

So before I begin, I’ll just let you know.

  1. I’m supposedly one of the most sarcastic person niall mcmanus has ever met?
  2. I write everything in a question format,
  3. I’m just another teenage female attempting to make my life sound interesting for the benefit of others. My life is secretly/not so secretly the most boring existence on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, it has every potential to be the most exciting thing anyone could wish to encounter, it’s just that I am one very boring individual, who refuses to make the most out of everyday.
  4. I am currently unable to concentrate properly because don is making a racket with his snoring and such. Don is my dog. His name has evolved over time as an effort to shorten it, maybe make it sound more endearing? He used to be called Conor. Meaning little wolf (yeah, we used a baby naming book to name the dog). A massive black bear. The cutest of the cute. Once mistaken for a puma by some uneducated Belfast tourists? Honestly, I think he looks more like a lion. He is just big enough so that you do not have to bend down at all to give him a pat on the head, which is perfect for a person a lazy as I am. He lies to mumma black about wether or not he has had his breakfast in effort to get more food. He constantly gets his massive fat head in the way of the tv and blocks out the signal of the remote control if he sits in front of the tv. Don has a bed to be jealous of. A huge black pillow, next to the radiator in the living room. He gets upset if I sit in it, but I do it anyway on cold evenings.
  5. People are convinced I’m foreign? I’m a mix of irish and English. Nothing exciting, nothing new. But I’ve been told I look French, Russian, dutch, sweedish, Turkish and “just weird,”. One day I’ll find a man/woman that can tell me why I look “like a mutant”, like on who do you think you are, but more boring and less tv worthy. And then that will be another mystery solved.
  6. I have never managed to go a whole night without sleep? Trust me, I’ve tried. Tried a whole bunch of times to train myself up to go whole nights with out catching any zz’s. and its never worked. The closest I’ve got is staying up till 6.45, but after that point the next thing I remember was waking up. So that didn’t go well. Lord knows what I’ll do at reading? Probably be a miserable biatch. Yeah, sounds likely.
  7. If you are interested at all in my life academically (I realize this is highly unlikely)… I took English Literature, Biology, Photography and Art. All of which I am glad I took because I’m pretty sure I would be suicidal if I took anything else, like maths, or history. Most people who took AS maths, spend 67.9% of their conversations with other maths students talking about factoring quadratics, simplifying surds and other things that since GCSE has completely left my brain.
  8. I’ve been called “emotionless” on more than one occasion, “blunt” countless numbers of times, “to the point” on many more, subdued on another and “a robot” on another. I do have emotions, I swear! I just prefer not to bore people with them, I’m not one for heart to hearts. Instead I will spend my time boring people with what I had for dinner, or how fictional stories that try to explain why I have 4 large bruises on my arm?! The same arm aswell. I’m still stumped on how I got them?
  9. I am unorganized to the extreme when it comes to packing, but when it comes to putting things in an order, it becomes almost OCD. So my room is a lovely mix of clothes thrown around into a floordrobe and clothes organized to the point where I have a jumper cupboard and have separated my tops into long sleeve, short sleeve, low cut and tank tops.
    which is exactly why this first post has been so disgustingly long.