Sunday, 28 November 2010


So my cousin is over from Oz. And by Oz, I certainly don’t mean the largely worrying land where lions are born without courage. Non, the Oz I am talking about isn’t spelt Oz, it is spelt Aus. It is a land where the coldest Christmas they have had, is about 20 million times hotter than dear old Britain will ever get in thesummer. A land where for Christmas dinner it is normal to have a salad. A land where flipflops are called thongs. A land where trousers are called pants. A land where a toilet iscalled a dunny. A land where everyone seems to be called Sheila or Bruce.

Dearest cousin Momo is 3 months my senior. She is a ranger, a ginger. And yes, she is actually called Momo. it’s not a nickname or a shortened version of summink. Just Momo.

So we headed off to Nan Dig’s house to see her!

It was all in all a typical day in Nan’s house. My ears are still ringing from the noise and I’m fatter than I’ve been in a long while but I would NEVER have it any other way.

I love ‘em. Love ‘em all.

Just missing oldest cousin Ella, her little babies and little cousin Roan whom Momo left down under!

I feel like I should introduce them?
I'll go from left to right?
First, there is little ol' me.
Then maeve, my older sister... often mistaken as My twin.
Then Momo herself!
Then cousin Louis, the cupcake queen.
Then cousin Rosie with her newly died bruntette hair, ALSO always mistaken as my sister.
Then there is little cousin Grace obsessed with pink and sparkles.
Then brother Finn.
Then cousin Frank.
Lovely scenes eh?


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