Saturday, 27 November 2010

First Snow.

first snow of this winter,
I'm always so tempted to call it the first snow of
this year, but it is far from it. This year we've had bloody loadza snow. So much that by the time it was melting, I was glad it was going.
But it was pretty to wake up to,
So I went out and took yet more photos of the garden.
I found the little yellow rose that I've been looking out for since summer. It's fair to say that it isn't doing all to well. Its all withered and very sad looking.
It is also funny that all the pictures I took just make things look frosty, I suppose that is bad photography skills on my part?!
Ah well.
Today I also went to a vintage fair near my house with Megan. It was cute. Very crowded, very cosy, very reasonable, very glad I went.


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  1. oona? oona from school? how did you find me!? look atchoo with your secret blog.