Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I can't quite put into words how much fun I had at the weekend. This little chappy sums up my current thoughts 

We headed off at about half 3 on friday. We had a seating dilemma on the train similar to the trails and tribulations of dearest Rebecca Black because apparently the train was gonna split in two? And go in different directions. So we were not sure weather to be kickin' in the front seats or sittin' in the back seats of the train. We trekked to the front because we thought we should. Turns out, our seating wouldn't have affected our journey all that much, it would have just added another stop if we had remained sittin' in the back.  

A weekend away. A whole weekend! We walked for what seemed like miles but is in fact exactly 2 miles to the hostel and checked in, made ourself at home, and tried to decide what to do that evening.  (yeh, we hosteled it!)

Then we went out exploring. We went in search of tescos, and found 2 co-ops, 1 sainsburies, about 40 corner shops before we realised that Tesco was insanely close and we had just taken one wrong turn. 
We grabbed a dinner from tesco and co-op, and headed for the beach, where we stayed for a good 3 hours, sheltered by some groyne? It was super cute. 

Then at about 10, the clouds began to sprinkle rain at us, so we headed back to the hostel. The germans that we were sharing a room with had already gone to sleep, but that was 'ite because we sat in the dining room instead. No one was really in the hostel because unlike us, they were legally allowed to go pubbing and clubbing so we had the whole dining room to ourselves all evening. The dining room was big enough to swing about 30 cats in. 

(scott may possibly punch my face for the photo on the left, but it is my most favourite photo. He was throwing a bottle at the table and catching it as part of our circus trick training.) 

The weekend kinda continued in the same fashion and we became like a little mini family. CUTE. 

I went in the sea, and took my underwater disposable in with me. I wont get the pictures back 'til next monday? silly right? I'll leave you with some photies. 

 (Veggie and Vegan cafe time, and skating along the coast. LOOK AT ME GO! I had no idea how to skate. I still don't, but I can move on it)
(A dog we made friends with. He was the cutest thing in the world, fluffy and soft and massive and only 13months old? Perfect winter companion if you ask me. And a perfect best friend for Conor, my dog. Heather and Chad in Cafe Nero, aren't they all the cutest 17 year olds you have ever seen?)

That doesn't really cover my weekend that much, but it'll do for now, I just want my disposable photos back! 


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  1. looks like quite the exciting weekend! that puppy is so cute :)