Thursday, 9 June 2011

Peanut Brittle

Megan gotz a kitten. He is So LOVELY!

SO today, after coming home from my Megan's house, I arrived home to my Doctor Pepper Pants. Apparently they arrived yesterday? Thanks for letting me know Mumma. The pants (pink leopard print y fronts) are lovely but there is a wee tiny little issue i have. I can wear them as a crop top because they are so large. They are MASSIVE! But I shall find use for them somewhere. They will be treasured because I never ever win anything... ever.  So I wore them around for a bit. As a crop top, and as pants. 

They make me look like a borrower but I'm 5ft 8inches tall? I'm not used to taking nice photographs of myself, I will never be Americas next top model with my posture and posing, but whatevah, tyra doesn't know what she is missing. AND yes... those are my pajama bottoms, I haven't gotten changed out of them yet today and it is now 9oclock in the evening time DON'T JUDGE! Check out those slipper socks too, they sure do get the boy's hearts racing.  

Now, for the peanut brittle (I have yet to remember that peanut is spelt with an 'a' after the e, such is the  depth of my ignorance when it comes to spelling). We found the recipie in Oh Comely Magazine, a personal favourite of the Black house hold, a little gem published 6 times a year, filled with lovely things, and I mean, really really lovely things! I won't spoil the recipe, because the lovely people in that magazine deserve every single penny.
So, anyway, the peanut brittle (I spelt it wrong AGAIN, I have to keep correcting)requires a lot of peanuts and a WHOLE lot of sugar, the peanuts we had were salted, so Maeve suggested we wash 'em to wash the salt off and so that is what we did. We also do not have a "candy thermometer" as the american nation call it, or a sugar thermometer as we in england like to call it. This meant that I had to guess the temperature. Trying to guess the temperature of 140ÂșC was a little bit mental, I guessed by just trying to see how much it burnt my fingers if I dipped them in. I just checked on the finished thing, through purely my own moronic baking techniques, the peanut brittle is not looking quite so brittle, but is instead more of a yummy gooey sugary peanutty slab. YUM.

check it owwwwt! Oh Comely you are a lovely place.

I'm off to brighton tomorrow with my darlings: Scott, Chad and Heather. HOW CUTE. Hostel time, seaside time. Shame about the weather forecast, rainy all 3 days? cheers weather systems. Whatever happens, I have sworn I will enjoy every minute. YES I WILL. Sitting on the deck chairs without a bedtime? 

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